Top 10 Driving Habits You Should Teach Your Teens

When you are a parent you are aware the day will come when your teenager is going to be driving a car. It is nothing to be afraid of because teenagers are actually much more responsible than we give them credit. You must keep in mind your role in the scheme of things. They listen very carefully to you and follow your advice. There are a number of driving habits you can teach them that will make them better drivers.
1. Do Not Drink and Drive. This is perhaps the major cause of auto accidents involving teenagers and it is the reason for countless fatalities. Be certain that they understand how important it is not to be intoxicated behind the wheel of the car.
2. Always Drive with the Seatbelt Fastened. This does prevent accidents from becoming even more serious. It is also important for your teenager to know that there are laws regarding seatbelts. If the kid doesn’t buckle up there’s a chance he or she will get a ticket and possibly put a hard-earned driver’s license in jeopardy.
Texting While Driving
3. No Texting behind the Wheel. This was not a problem when you were a teenager, but it has become one and it is quite serious. Texting while driving distracts the driver from the road ahead. As you know things happen suddenly on any road and needs quick response.
4. Drive Carefully in Bad Weather. It might be second nature to you, but your teenager is still learning. If possible, practice with them on a day when there is a light drizzle. Emphasize to them that just because the sign gives a certain speed limit it doesn’t mean you drive that fast. Get them in the habit of driving 10 or 15 miles slower when it is raining or snowing.
5. How to Handle a Car on the Highway. You cannot do all of the teaching in a parking lot, although this is a good place to start instruction. When you feel your teenager is comfortable enough behind the wheel, let them drive on the highway for short distances. Teach them how to accelerate properly and how to exit off the highway safely.
6. Practice Night Driving with Them. Young people need to know how to drive safely when the sun goes down. Impress on your teenager the importance of having headlights on as soon as things start to grow dark.
Teaching Teens to Drive Safe
7. Obey The Speed Limit At All Times. The freedom of the road makes it tempting to go way over the speed limit. But your teenager needs to understand it is a question of controlling the vehicle. The faster he or she goes over the speed limit, the harder it is to respond to sudden changes on the road. Traveling the speed limit is not only the law but also a way of driving safely.
8. Teach Them How to Drive Defensively. Every driving instructor is going to recommend defensive driving techniques, including a short distance from the car in front. Other driving techniques will emphasize what to do with oncoming traffic or cars in the next lane.
9. Maintain Your Automobile. It means making sure that tires are properly inflated, oil is changed regularly, and headlights are inspected periodically. Maintenance and safety go hand-in-hand and your teenager needs to be aware of that.
10. Limit the Number of Passengers. It seems like a lot of fun to have the whole gang in the car. Unfortunately, this can be hazardous as accidents appear to increase with the additional numbers of young people. Be sure your teenager understands that more than two passengers can be a problem.
Your teenager may roll his or her eyes as you

Driving Guidance

give all of these instructions, but that is fine. Deep down inside the young person looks up to you and wants you to explain what to do. The best instruction you can give is to be a role model. Whenever your teenager is in the car with you be sure that you practice safe driving at all times.
The time you spend sharing driving safety tips is worth every minute. It helps instill a sense of driving responsibility, which is so important.The young person in your house will eventually become an adult and not need as much guidance from you. Until then, the safe driving habits you teach will prevent a number of accidents.

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