Auto Repair in Downtown Portland

Auto Repair in Downtown Portland

Trying to be something for everyone

We are taught that trying to be everything for everyone is a bad idea. The idea applies to vehicles as well. A lot of repair shops in the downtown area of Portland like to seem like they can fix everyone’s problems. They are correct in certain senses because it is true that any competently trained tech or mechanic can, technically, work on any vehicle. However, every tech or mechanic has their own specialties and what they are especially good at when they work on a vehicle or a certain vehicle. It makes sense for you, the consumer to know what a shop specializes in, and for their employees who are techs and mechanics. However, to most shop owners, it does not make sense to them because it means that they effectively close their business to certain types of vehicles and their respective owners. Understandable in of itself but it does not help you as the consumer.

What you do need to know who can work on your vehicle with expertise and efficiency. However, if there is no information about which ones are the best for you then you should probably skip those businesses. What is the big deal? The big deal is that it increases the amount of time it takes for the tech or mechanic to figure out how to work on your vehicle. The research time ends up on your bill as labor time. You cannot see how much time they had to use to research your vehicle and that keeps you in the dark about how much you are actually paying for the labor of fixing your vehicle. You also increase the chance that a mistake is going to be made because everyone knows that a person’s first steps in learning to fix something is probably going to have errors. They minimize the risk by having fully trained, certified, and competent mechanics or techs but it is still possible. You should not be the guinea pig for their ability to repair a vehicle and you cannot know if you are or not if they do not tell you that they work on your vehicle specifically.

Parts are a problem too?

Parts are another part of the equation that you have to consider if you are not sure if they work on your vehicle. Why? Repair shops do not have all the parts they need in their warehouse at all times despite what most of us think. Repair shops need to purchase their parts and that, in turn, means that some of the time that your vehicle takes to get fixed is party due to the fact that it has to wait for parts to arrive. You might think this might be a seamless process but it is not in some cases. It is made even worse if they have never worked on a vehicle like yours before. If they have not then they have to find a supplier of parts for your vehicle and that supplier is preferably in Downtown Portland. The time they spend finding a good dealer of parts for your vehicle is added to the amount of time your vehicle sits waiting for a repair. You do not get charged for this time but it is extra time that you could have been driving in the vehicle.

If you get an auto repair shop in Downtown Portland that specializes in your vehicle then you get the best of everything. You get skilled repairs and the supply line is set up before you need it. You just have to work with companies who will tell you straight up what they specialize in and what they have experience working on right now.


What does your shop specialize in?

If your vehicle is German then we are very much the shop for you. One of our techs has worked on Mercedes vehicles at this particular shop before some of the current Mercedes vehicles became classic. He has, in that time, worked on every German vehicle imaginable including, Audi’s, BMW’s, Porsches, Volkswagens, and Mercedes Benz vehicles as well.

How do I contact you in order to schedule an appointment?

You can call the shop by calling 503-238-1707. You can also visit us by stopping by 1025 SE 6th Ave. in Portland, OR 97124.

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