German Mechanical Auto Repair in Portland Oregon


What German-made cars do you specialize in?

BMW, Mercedes, Sprinter, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi vehicles.

Why choose German Formula to repair your car?

Authenticity. Our owner, Ralf Leopold, worked at the Porsche factor in Zuffenhausen and at Mercedes Benz in Stuttgar. The precision workmanship he learned in Germany have been woven into German Formula and its employees.

Do your mechanics work on VW Jetta’s?

Jettas are one of the most popular cars we service and repair at German Formula.  You would be hard-pressed to bring us a Jetta problem we have not seen before, therefore we can diagnosis and fix your car fast.

So… I’ve heard that if a place has to research a vehicle then it takes longer and it costs more to fix… Is that true?

Partly true. It is true in the sense that research time is usually charged as labor time. Therefore, the more research needed for your problem then the more money it will cost. Most good repair places in Portland, OR or anywhere for that matter will not charge you more for not knowing how to work on a vehicle when they get in the shop. Situations can change but the place you would get charged more is for the research time involved with fixing your vehicle if they do not have the requisite skills and/or the knowledge ahead of time.

If they do research then can I see it? Does it get billed out? Can I see exactly how long it took to do the research?

Unfortunately, no. It is not usually billed out as a line item expense, so you would not necessarily see it on your bill or know how much time was needed to do the job.

How do I avoid paying a lot for research time then?

The best way to do this is to go to shops that specialize in your vehicle or that you know, for a fact, have a lot of experience working on vehicles like yours. A good reason why if you searched for German-based vehicle repair that you found us. We have seen cars like yours and we have the experience to needed to repair them quickly.

Alright… So… How do I work with you then?

You can visit us by going to 100 NE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97232. There is some street parking around the area, however, you might have to drive around a bit to find the right spot for you. Many of the spots are 2-hour parking spots and there are a few less than that around. The lowest is a 30-minute parking. If you do not feel like driving out to us then you can also call us by calling 503-238-1707.

Call Us 503-238-1707