How to Know If I Have a Faulty Ignition Coil

A smooth ride is something you should expect from your automobile and when everything is working properly you receive it. It isn’t surprising you take it for granted until things suddenly start acting up. Then your vehicle is no longer running smoothly, but sputtering with jerks and stalling and other problems. You cannot ignore the area of concern for you has to be the ignition coil.

What ignition coil does?

Every part of a car has its role to play. The ignition coil can Engine Ignition Coil be thought of as part of the relay system which takes electrical current from the battery and sends it on to the spark plugs. These in turn are what create the sparks that ignite the gasoline your car runs on. That steady flow of power becomes severely disrupted when the ignition coil has problems.

Signs to detect faulty ignition coil

There are some very noticeable signs that your ignition coil is not working properly. One of the first indicators is backfiring. Fuel which has not been ignited goes through the exhaust system and can do some very serious damage in the exhaust system. Thick, black smoke will come from the tailpipe and if you can smell the scent of gasoline, you have an issue that needs your attention.

Get clues from spark plug issues

Spark plug issues can be a major clue that the ignition coil is in trouble. Spark plugs will rely on the ignition coil to get necessary charge and problems getting the car started can hint of trouble around the ignition coil. Stalling is another difficulty since the spark plugs are not functioning properly. A real crisis can happen if you have to stop your car and it simply shuts down. While it is true this is not a problem with the distributor or major parts electrical system, the ignition coil is still not generating what is needed. You are stuck.

Other clues of ignition coil problem

Compared to what has already been mentioned there are two other clues that are not major but still quite serious. A sputtering or jerking motion of the car is a sign of engine misfiring. This is a symptom of the ignition coil starting to fail. The gas mileage of your car is also going to have trouble. But fuel economy may also be the result of other problems not related to the ignition coil at all.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Ignition Coil

Detect whether an ignition coil is shorted or not

You can check for yourself to see if the ignition coil is having trouble but do be careful. You will be dealing with electricity and will need not only eye protection, but proper insulation as well. You would conduct one of the ignition coil with a 10 mega ohm impedance ohmmeter. This device to be connected to the primary terminals of the coil to read what the ohms are (a well-functioning ignition coil is going to register from 0.4 to 2 ohms). If there is no resistance noted then a shorted coil is what you have. Resistance that is higher than ordinary threatens to lower secondary voltage output. This information can guide you as to what steps to take next.

Let the automotive center do the work

In the interest of safety unless you are a very experienced mechanic and know your way around the electrical system, you ought to leave the repair work to a reputable automotive repair center. There is an expense involved but you are transferring the risk to a trained individual. Moreover, there is a chance in working with the ignition coil that you could accidentally cause damage to the spark plugs. This is the kind of mistake that can turn into even larger costs for you. It simply is not worth it unless you know exactly what you are doing.

BMW Ignition Coil

Don’t underestimate ignition coil

The electrical system of the car operates efficiently when all parts are doing what is expected. It seems somewhat strange that something as small as the ignition coil can cause the kind of problems it does. However, this is a very integral part of the whole process. Power has to get to the spark plugs to allow them to properly ignite the fuel. Ignition coil difficulties could have a negative impact on your exhaust system which you do not want to have. It is in addition to the annoyances of backfiring and stalling. You do not want to have your car suddenly stopping or the fuel economy impacted by the part that needs to be replaced. If you see the warning signs do not hesitate to have professional attention be given to the ignition coil.

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