How Often Should I Replace My Fuel Filter?

The little things do mean a lot underneath the gas pedal of the car. There are parts that seem so insignificant that the car owner will take them for granted at that person’s risk. Left unattended, these parts can wear down the car and even put the automobile out commission. While it is important to worry about the alternator or the transmission, the fuel filter is something that has to be given proper maintenance.

Fuel Filter

Importance of fuel filter

The fuel filter is important to the flow of gasoline through the engine. In the natural flow of fuel, there can be particles and contaminants that get into the stream. This can be all kinds of material such as rust and dirt. It is a filter that separates them from the liquid, while allowing gasoline to continue to flow smoothly. If the fuel filter becomes clogged that is going to cause rather dramatic consequences. These see to it that the fuel injectors are not obstructed with such residue.

When to replace fuel filters?

Problem In Car Engine

The fuel efficiency of the car is going to be adversely affected, and that may not be gradual at all. Insufficient amounts of gasoline get into the engine and the car will begin to stall. There is even the possibility of the automobile backfiring when the gas pedal is depressed. A fuel filter that is stopped up with gunk will cause the car to also have very slow acceleration, and may be very difficult to start. Simply noticing a sudden drop in fuel efficiency is enough for the car owner to suspect that the fuel filter needs to be replaced. A rule of thumb for maintenance is that fuel filters should be replaced approximately every 24,000 miles or once every two years. There are some models of automobile that do not require a fuel filter replacement until 30 to 50,000 miles have been traveling.

Preventive steps to follow for fuel filter replacement

The good news is that this can be a do-it-yourself project. A fuel filter is a small piece and can be replaced on a Saturday afternoon in the garage. This would require tools such as an open end wrench and a screwdriver, and also jack stands and a car jack. Unless you have done this before having a repair manual that includes fuel filter replacement is a sensible idea. Because you will be working around gasoline and gas fumes, vinyl gloves, and safety glasses are a must. The car ought to be placed in an area where there is level ground, and good ventilation. You will be working around gasoline fumes and you should periodically take a few minutes away from the car while doing the job. Having a fire extinguisher close by is a smart safety feature. By all means never work on your car when the engine is hot. Before any attempt is made to change the fuel filter, make sure the engine is cold. Be sure to check the owner’s manual of the car for any information about the type of fuel filter that is best suited.

Best to contact an automotive repair center

It does have to be remembered that some of the symptoms of fuel filter problem can also be telltale signs of other maintenance needs. The car owner may decide that replacing the oil filter is a matter that would be best addressed in automotive repair center. That may also be the best alternative for someone who does not have a lot of experience underneath the car, and eliminates the risk of having to deal with gasoline fumes. The car owner who has already established a routine maintenance program and can check with the auto mechanic to determine whether or not a replacement is scheduled. The cost of this type of work is not going to break anybody’s budget.

The mile benchmarks mentioned in this article assumes normal driving conditions. If you happen to live in an area of dusty roads and air pollution, the need for fuel filter replacement may be sooner. If you do live in such an environment, you should pay very close attention to the symptoms of fuel filter difficulties. It is true with automobiles that preventive maintenance is always less expensive than having to replace engine parts. The fuel filter is the part that guarantees fuel economy for the car. Keeping a sharp eye on its performance and allow the fuel filter to continue to provide efficient service.

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