European Auto Repair in Portland Oregon

European Auto Repair Portland Oregon

Why can’t I find a good European auto repair shop in Portland, Oregon?

The truth about this is that most auto repair centers make it hard for you to figure out who actually has experience working on vehicles like yours. The thought is, which is totally understandable if someone says that they work on one style of vehicle that they do not work on the others or that they are not capable of working on other types of vehicles. A thought process that is not true for most people. What it does do is not tell you who would be best to fix your problems. The truth is that every auto repair business could do the job but some of them are going to do it faster and better than others. The few that do tell you straight out what vehicles they do work on are probably the places to go. If they have the guts to tell you that they work on your vehicle then they are staking their name on that claim and that probably means that they take work on your style of vehicle, European in this case, very seriously.

Isn’t European vehicles a little bit of a blanket term?

The answer to this question is yes. Unfortunately, that is how a lot of the internet works and what is searched. However, many of the good shops around the Portland metro area have pages on specific models or types of European vehicles. If they spend time, money, and energy on making a page for your type of vehicle then there is probably a good bet that they have experience dealing with that type of vehicle or style of vehicle. You might have to dig a little further into their site but every little bit is a clue into the true nature of that business.

Shouldn’t I be looking at Yelp or whatever?

A great idea. However, that should not stop you from looking at the business’s site as well. Yelp is great for reviews but it is not great for giving you the details of an organization. There is not enough room on the business side of thing to tell you little things like experience in working with different types of vehicles, especially European models. If you check an organization like Yelp then you want the whole picture of the business once you check them out on your review site of choice.

How do I contact you so I can see if we should work together?

You can call us at 503-238-1707. You can also visit us 100 NE 11th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.