Car Engine Problem: When Ignorance Becomes Dangerous

Automobiles are built to last. They should be able to drive tens of thousands of miles before there is any trouble in it. As a car owner you do have to remember that the terrain you traverse is going to have an impact on the engine. Stop and go traffic in the city or rough roads in the country will eventually cause some wear and tear on the engine block. Even though many times you are in a rush to get from one place to another, you should pay careful attention to the engine. That means understanding when things may be going wrong. As a professional auto mechanic will tell you, you pay for your ignorance.

Check Engine Light

Try to detect problems quickly

Car owners know that when the “Check Engine Light” starts blinking that there may be a problem within the engine. This warning flasher on the dashboard will not tell you what part of the engine is having difficulty, but only if there’s a problem which has been picked up by the sensors. It is quite possible that the difficulty is starting to get into the advanced stages. Being able to detect problems in the beginning is going to help.

Other symptoms of vehicle breakdown

The brake pads of the car can wear down and if you are noticing it is getting difficult to bring the car to complete stop, there may be some trouble in the braking system. An inability to accelerate may be problems in the fuel injection system, or the electrical circuitry. Not realizing that acceleration is starting to go bad can result in a major stall on the road. Another serious challenge can be a grinding sound underneath the hood. That can mean serious problems with the transmission.

Warning Signs From Car

Don’t ignore warning signals

You cannot be expected to be a master mechanic when it comes to car engine problems. However, it doesn’t take a professional to notice difficulties that are happening. A small puddle on the pavement underneath your car could be an oil or transmission fluid leak. What sounds like a pinging noises coming from the hood can be a problem with fuel combustion which ultimately ruins the engine. The danger to the engine block only gets worse as the warning signals are ignored. A high-pitched screech is a common signal that there is trouble with the belts. If one of those should snap not only will your car cease to function, but the whiplash of the severed belt can cause additional problems under the hood.

Be aware of engine problems

While this is always considered dangerous, ignorance can be extremely expensive. Most auto mechanics are highly ethical but there are a few that are looking to make some additional money. Not understanding engine problems forces you to rely totally on the recommendations of an auto mechanic. If you are able to demonstrate that you have an understanding of how an engine supposed operate, your mechanic might change the recommendations to maintenance repair that is a little less expensive. Not knowing the difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts can jeopardize your ability to use the warranty. These are situations where ignorance is not life-threatening but can wreak havoc on your budget.

Importance of oil in engine

Knowledge is a safety feature. It is well worthwhile to educate Problem In Car Engine yourself about the various warning signs that the car will project. You also need to keep in mind that the dashboard lights are connected to sensors within the car you are driving. If the oil light indicates you’re getting low on oil, you really should not ignore it. Oil is a lubricant that reduces the friction in the engine. If you do not have enough you can expect to have parts of the engine start to wear down. The owner’s manual in your glove compartment is a valuable dictionary of information. It can help you stay vigilant about your engine. You should page through it every now and then just to stay advised.

Maintain the engine properly

The engine of an automobile should be able to operate well over 100,000 miles. Proper maintenance of the engine can extend its life for tens of thousands of miles. The cost of repairing the engine is the most expensive work to be done on your automobile. Being informed about potential problem signs will allow you to have maintenance work done quickly, saving you literally hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair or replacement work.

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