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Driving Tips For Long Summer Trips

July 8, 2016

Nothing embodies summer quite like a long road trip. Whether it’s with family or friends, packing up the car and heading out on a road trip is a rite of passage.   With those long trips in the hot summer months there are more and more drivers on the road and families on vacation can create far more traffic than usual so it’s important to stay more prepared and aware. Here are some tried and true tips for staying safe... Read More

How to Keep Up Your Porsche Performance For Years

June 14, 2016

You’ve finally done it, after years spent looking and researching all sorts of models; you’ve finally found the exact Porsche of your dreams. From the second you slipped behind the wheel and turned it on you knew that it was the car for you and that you can never imagine owning another car again.   Porsche is known as one of the highest brands of luxury vehicle and for good reason; with seemingly endless amenities and comforts along with cutting... Read More

Is Your Car Ready for Next Summer?

May 6, 2016 ,

All you need to do is look at the calendar to know that hot days of summer are not far ahead. This is perhaps the busiest time of the year for your automobile. You may be traveling on vacation or just having to deal with a lot of heavy traffic in hot weather are some things that you should check out before Memorial Day. You can start with the tires. These old reliable tires went through an awful lot of... Read More

How Often You Should Check Different Fluids Level of Your Car

April 16, 2016 ,

Every car owner understands the importance of gasoline; you run out of it, your car stops and it is all that simple. There are other types of fluid that, believe it or not, are just important as gasoline for the proper operation of your automobile. These need to be maintained and checked periodically. These other fluids have various responsibilities within the operation of your automobile. Failure to maintain proper levels is going to cause some very serious problems in one... Read More

Tips To Prevent Rust In Your Car Exhaust System

March 26, 2016 ,

Other than your car’s exterior there are few parts on your vehicle that are exposed to the elements as much as your car’s exhaust system. This can be really hard on them because exhaust systems are almost always made of metal and it’s a fact metal rusts easily when exposed to such things as salt, mud and other high moisture substances. Here are a few suggestions on how some people have had success slowing down the rusting process on the... Read More

Things To Remember If You Have Your Kids In The Car

February 26, 2016

It sometimes feels like you are driving a taxi cab, and your children are the passengers. As a parent, you spend a lot of time driving them to sports practice, play practice, or any other activity. You also take them with you on errands. This is all part of being a parent and you’re willing to accept that. While you have a kid in your car, there are some things you have to remember. 1. Always be sure they are... Read More

Top 10 Driving Habits You Should Teach Your Teens

August 13, 2015

When you are a parent you are aware the day will come when your teenager is going to be driving a car. It is nothing to be afraid of because teenagers are actually much more responsible than we give them credit. You must keep in mind your role in the scheme of things. They listen very carefully to you and follow your advice. There are a number of driving habits you can teach them that will make them better drivers.... Read More

Can Hybrid Cars Be Repaired by Any Auto Repair Shops

July 28, 2015

Hybrid cars were once novelties for the rich. Although the design and concept stimulated conversation there really wasn’t much interest from the general public. That has all changed and the number of hybrid automobiles is increasing. A primary motivator is the federal fuel economy goals established by the federal government. Another demand stimulator is the low emissions that the hybrid will produce. Despite the new appeal the hybrid is still a fairly expensive car and usually cost more than the... Read More

How to Know If I Have a Faulty Ignition Coil

June 30, 2015

A smooth ride is something you should expect from your automobile and when everything is working properly you receive it. It isn’t surprising you take it for granted until things suddenly start acting up. Then your vehicle is no longer running smoothly, but sputtering with jerks and stalling and other problems. You cannot ignore the area of concern for you has to be the ignition coil.   What ignition coil does? Every part of a car has its role to... Read More

How to Plan for Perfect Road Trip in Summer

June 13, 2015

The summer months brings out the gypsy in all of us and the lure of the road is almost irresistible. Heading out on a lengthy road trip is a romantic way of spending time in the summer. It can be a great expedition full of wonderful memories if it is properly planned. There are some things that the traveler should do before the wanderlust takes total control of the senses.   • Plan Your Route. You may know your destination,... Read More