Benefits of All Wheel Drive Vs. Rear Wheel

Sensible car buyers are not going to rush into the purchase of an automobile. There’s too much money involved and they want to know as much as possible about what it is they are getting. There’s a lot of talk about all-wheel-drive(AWD) and rear wheel drive (RWD) car models. Getting past the advertising and marketing language, a car buyer needs to know what is the difference between the two and if there is any benefit of one over the other.

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The AWD is the king of back road. This is the type of automobile that can handle extremely muddy conditions and road surfaces that are less than desirable. It is made for performance, and an AWD system is very able to go from a dead stop to high speed just a matter of seconds. The RWD can not be denied when it comes to performance. This is the kind of car that does extremely well on winding roads in the countryside, going at high speeds without losing control. It is the type of system that is used in sports cars and is ideal for the type of power performance that many people enjoy. An RWD has superior braking performance because the weight is distributed among all four wheels. Traction is also enhanced as weight is moved to the rear wheels with increased acceleration.

As with any car there are some setbacks. AWD vehicles are heavier than ordinary cars. That is going to affect the gas mileage of the car right away. The weight also can bear down on the components of the automobile and require more maintenance over shorter intervals. The AWD system is a complex mechanical wonder. There are quite a few moving parts and any one of these can go bad and affect everything. It means that expenses can mount up when it comes to maintenance on the AWD car model. RWD also has more weight than the traditional family car and it does have an impact on fuel economy. These are cars that can have some difficulty on poor roads and there can be some question of traction in poor weather conditions. Tires are something that anyone who has a car with an RWD system must keep an eye on.

In comparing the two the consideration of fuel efficiency can immediately be discarded. Neither the AWD nor the RWD are going to win any prizes for fuel efficiency. Frankly, when compared to the FWD (front-wheel-drive model), both of these are gas guzzlers. In taking a look at a comparison of the two in regards to benefits, a consideration that can tip the scales can be where the driver is geographically located.

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The AWD works best under adverse conditions. It can handle winter weather without any problem and can go through storms easily. For anyone who lives in rural areas that is a primary consideration. The AWD can do an emergency run through several inches of snow or through hailstorms. Country roads are not always very well paved, but that is not a problem with the AWD. It is the best type of car to drive in adverse conditions and supplies maximum traction. This is the kind of vehicle that is built for country. The RWD has a benefit for somebody that enjoys a sporty ride. It is true it doesn’t work very well on wet roads, but it can handle the twists and turns of a country road like a spring breeze. The braking power can help anyone who is driving on traffic congested highways. Steering through the tight corners of the city is also much easier with the RWD car.

A car buyer has to be resigned to less fuel efficiency and perhaps a few more maintenance appointments with either car. That being said, each one has superior benefit depending on where the car owner happens to be. The AWD can literally be a lifesaver in extremely bad weather and is not intimidated at all by the jagged contours of a rural route. The RWD can take a lot of the stress of trying to maneuver through urban traffic lines. Its braking superiority can prevent any number of accidents from happening. The benefits also include the pleasure of driving. Anyone who enjoys cross-country motoring is going to love an automobile with AWD. Those who in their heart of hearts are racecar drivers will love every second of being behind the wheel of a car that has an RWD system.

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