Looking for Air Cooled Volkswagen Repair in Portland, Oregon

Looking for air cooled Volkswagen repair in Portland, Oregon?

If you have an air cooled VW in Portland, Oregon then you probably know the frustration of finding someone who actually can do the job. Here is the rub with that thought as well. The more that time goes on fewer people are going to actually know how to deal with a vehicle using your type of vehicle. So, what do you do? You find a place that does it now and you keep them in mind because that knowledge will be passed through generations of mechanics and/or techs at that business.

Don’t make me read. How do I schedule an appointment now?
Answer: You can click here and see our contact information or you can call us at 503-238-1707.

An Area Where Experience Counts But We Do Not Think About Often. Parts.

Where do you get parts for your vehicle? It might seem like you are the only person who worries about this but businesses have to do it as well. If you have an older vehicle or technology that is no longer used anymore then you might have problems finding what you need. The same goes for the place where you take that vehicle. If they do not normally service that vehicle or that type of vehicle then a lot of time is going to be eaten up trying to find the part that is needed. It will not necessarily end up on your bill but how it affects you is in the amount of time that your car or vehicle has to stay in the shop. The more time it stays in the shop the longer you do not have it and it affects your free time and your ability to do certain activities where you might need the extra space to carry thing along like a camping trip. Maybe you use the vehicle for work, either way, you are out of the vehicle for awhile which can have a massive effect on your life. It is definitely something you want to think about and another reason you want a company that is used to dealing with your vehicle, or at least, types like it in order to expedite the process of ordering, receiving, and installing parts on your vehicle.

Maybe Location Should Not Mean as Much as It Does?

We all know that the cost of gas has skyrocketed. The price definitely makes us all think about going out for joy rides, understandably. No one wants to spend a bunch of money on aimlessly wandering like we once did. Somehow that has moved over to the service or repair we need on our vehicle. Granted, there are times when a closer repair place is better. However, there are a lot of times when it is not always the best idea. Why? The reason in the previous paragraph is a great example. Let us not forget that the less experience a tech has working on your vehicle is more time they have to charge you for researching on how to work on your vehicle. You might not be paying for the time waiting for a part but you are paying for the time to learn how to use that part correctly when it does comes into the shop. If a tech or mechanic has experience fixing vehicles like an air-cooled Volkswagen then the less time they will have to consider how to do it. It is time that never ends up in the labor hours which is good for you, your wallet, and your vehicle.


How can I talk to a real person with whom I can schedule an appointment?

You can contact us by visiting us at 19302 Southwest Mohave Court in Tualatin, OR 97062. You can also call us by calling: 503-238-1707.