5 Ways Changing Your Oil Benefits Your Car

The automobile is an amazing combination of moving parts and fluids working together to move a 1 ton vehicle. A little bit of maintenance work will see to it that everything is moving properly for a long time to come. The oil in your car needs to be changed on a routine basis. It isn’t that expensive and the benefits are pretty substantial. One overriding principle that justifies the oil changes has to do with reducing friction within the mechanics of the automobile. Here are five ways you benefit from an oil change:

1. Much better gas mileage

Oil Change

The workings of the car engine results in friction that slows the vehicle down. Replacing old oil with a few quarts of cleaner fluid is going to reduce that friction. The car moves with less resistance slowing it, and it means that you will get a few extra miles out of every gallon of gasoline.

2. Prevents Sludge Buildup
Oil is going to travel through the engine and along the way, debris and dirt particles will start to accumulate in the oil. Yes, there are filters to catch the sludge, but some dirt particles will slip through to gradually wear down the engine. Cleaner oil is going to allow the engine to run efficiently and while you are changing the oil, you might as well change the oil filters as well.

3. Reduces Harmful Emissions
We all have to be worried about air pollution, and the discomfort it creates. The older the oil is in the car, the greater the chance it may be burned and emit gases that can harm the environment. Fresh and new oil is not going to have the burning problem, so your car will be creating less air pollution;

4. Much Better Performance
You want to have a smooth ride and that happens when the engine parts are well lubricated. The oil change helps reduce friction and grind in the engine, and you’ll quickly discover how much quieter the trips are. You will also notice that pistons and other moveable parts are continuing to operate with no problems;

5. Adds Longer Life To The Car
When it all comes together, better lubrication for the moving parts and less friction, the car handles better and the wear and tear is substantially reduced. It is understood that a car will ultimately run its course, but you can add years onto that vehicle’s life with a regular oil change. Those extra months will be with a car that is performing at optimal levels. Being able to add two or more years to the useful operation of a car is worth every oil change.

Benefits Of Regular oil Change

So, when is a good time to perform that little chore? Forget the old rule of oil changes every 3000 miles. The composition of this fluid product has been improved dramatically over the last few years. You are now able to do an oil change every 5000 instead. The type of oil that will be used is something to think about. You can choose between organic or synthetic oil products for the job. The difference is in price and durability. Organic oil is going to cost less, but on the other hand the synthetic product is going to last longer between oil changes. The choice is up to you but either way you are going to win something.

Oil changes are very much a do-it-yourself type of job. It doesn’t require an awful lot of skill, and many people will do an oil change in the privacy of their home garage. Automotive care centers do offer a lot of discounts on oil changes, and you may want to consider having an oil change as part of a regular maintenance appointment. It is convenient and not a budget buster at all for you.

Oil Servicing

However you decide to get the job done by all means be sure to have regular oil changes scheduled during the year. You will find out that it all adds up to less money being spent on other repairs of the car. If the car is able to provide service for you a few extra years, thanks to your due diligence, that just adds to the value of the oil change.

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