2015 Volkswagen Beetle Glow Plug Repair in Downtown Portland, Oregon

How soon should I start looking at my glow plugs as something to replace? Is there a time frame or a mileage count that makes sense to have them looked at after? I’d like to keep my Volks Beetle in good working order.

Luckily, these glow plugs are something that is part of your scheduled maintenance program. If you follow the prescribed plan in your service manual then you are likely not to have problems with your vehicle. However, if you have glow plugs that are not working as well and are weak or if they are leaking combustion gases then they should be looked at for possible problems. Also, if they fail on you before they should need maintenance then they should be brought in to be looked at by a professional.

How do you know that I have a problem with my glow plugs? How do you isolate the problem down to the glow plugs?

A scanning tool is the easiest way to figure out the glow plugs are the problem. An OBD code related to the glow plugs usually indicates that, at least, one of them is having a problem. The job becomes cycling through the glow plugs to determine which one or ones are having the problems. The circuit voltage will be read and that will reveal which one or ones are faulty.

Wait, wait. Before we go any further, I have no idea what this glow plug thing is in the first place. What is it?

The glow plug is what provides the heat you need in order to start a diesel engine.

What happens when my Volkswagen Beetle is warm?

The glow plug goes back to being dormant until your engine needs heat again to do its work.

How in the world does a glow plug do that, exactly? Is it just magic inside my Volks?

Your glow plug is instructed to heat up when your ignition switch is moved the to the running position. Keep in mind that this assumes that your engine is not warm and has not been run yet. The glow plugs get electricity and then convert that into heat. The glow plugs will turn red hot and the heat ignites the atomized diesel fuel before it reaches your combustion chamber. Heat is created from the burning of the fuel. The process continues until the help of the glow plug is no longer necessary.

What kind of problems will my 2015 Volkswagen Beetle have if it has a glow plug problem?

You could notice that your glow plugs are taking longer to get your engine to work. It should only take 3 to 5 seconds for the process to work normally. Unfortunately, your glow plugs can degrade so far that they cannot start at all. It is possible for some vehicles to be able to start with faulty glow plugs, especially if they have external block heaters. However, the engine will feel like it is running rough until it reaches an ample temperature for usage. This is caused by a cylinder that will misfire. It will be accompanied by smoke from the tailpipe. The reason for this is because you will have raw fuel burning in your exhaust. The check engine light should also be lit at this point. You will also start receiving OBD codes. The codes could relate to the following things: emissions, exhaust systems, glow plugs, and possibly your Beetle’s fuel delivery system. The light may disappear when your engine is warm and restarted.

What are the OBD codes this thing would show me if I actually have a problem with my Volkswagen Beetle glow plugs?

The OBD codes you are likely to see are as follows:

  • P06B9: Cylinder 1 Glow Plug Circuit Range/Performance
  • P0671: Cylinder 1 Glow Plug Circuit/Open
  • P066B: Cylinder 1 Glow Plug Control Circuit High

Where do I go if I want to visit you in person? Should I just call? What is the number there?

The number you want to call is 503-238-1707. Keep in mind that this number is only answered during regular business hours. If you want to visit us then you can visit us at the following address: 100 NE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97232.

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