2010 Audi A5 – Driver Seat Woes

The driver’s seat in this car is broken. Despite its sumptuous leather stuffed with comfy cushions, motors, levers, cables and sensors, the steel frame broke. The backrest would not stay locked in place, rendering it floppy and unusable.

A new seat frame is quite expensive, so the customer opted for a used one. Unfortunately the colors were not an exact match.

The solution was to transfer the donor seat backrest frame, but keep the original upholstery. This requires separating the seat frames, removing the leather, transferring electronics, some brackets, etc.

Lumbar support is provided by an electromechanical Rube Goldberg assembly that has adjustments in x, y and z planes (see photo above).

It is a gnarly job, but it _is_ an opportunity to pull out some cherished, seldom-used tools like the stunning blue soft-blow hammer as illustrated above. Who doesn’t love a nice tool?

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