2002 Porsche 911 – Messy Stuff Found

This car was recently acquired by our customer. Minor oil and coolant leaks were found. As we got deeper into it, there were surprises. Not sweet surprises, like realizing you’re in love with your childhood best friend.

Someone had previously done repairs. I’ll have to say there was “over-zeal”. Silicone gasket maker was used at every visible seal on the engine (not recommended). Important oil passages were out of alignment.

Fortunately, it runs fine, and there’s no sign of internal damage. Unfortunately, the use of sealant at the rear main crankshaft seal, and the intermediate shaft seal, seem to have caused leaks, as they would be expected to. So, lots to undo and redo, but this car will be just fine. And yes, we are cleaning the silicone off the exhaust manifold.

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