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Looking for Volkswagen service? A VW specialist? If you are, then you have come to the right place. You want a team of people who understand your vehicle and who will treat it with the German precision it was created with original. What better place than a place named German Formula owned by a guy who worked at the Porsche factory as a repair specialist. If you want someone as authentic as possible then you want to schedule an appointment here.

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We are the real deal. You want authentic German expertise then you will find it here. All the precision and knowledge poured into a service for your vehicle. You and your car deserve it. What is even better is that your vehicle will thank you for it because you get decades of experience and know how packed into your service appointment. Sure, other dealers also fix Volkswagens but do they have the passion for them. Have they been around them their whole life, and have they been immersed in the culture from which they come from as well? The answer is probably not. If you want someone who will treat your vehicle like the next number in a long line of jobs then you can definitely go somewhere else. But if you want that excellent and German precision that they are known for then you have to go as authentic as possible and there is no other place to go but here for that kind of experience.

How do I contact you?

You can always stop in to make an appointment. You can find us at the following address: 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B Portland, OR 97214. You also want to call us at the following phone number: 503-238-1707.

Do you also do other vehicles?

Yes. You can see the vehicles we service on the front page. You can click here and see the logos of the vehicles we are prepared to work on and have experience fixing.