FAQ’s about Volkswagen Repair in Tualatin, Oregon:

What are common types of Volkswagen vehicles you see for repair at your shop in Tualatin, Oregon?

Jettas are a common type of vehicle we see often because there are so many of them and they are popular to drive. We get inquires on VW Beetles frequently. The VW Golf owners also frequently contact us. We also get contacted by Polo owners as well.

What kind of repairs are common around the Troutdale, Oregon area?

We get the gamut of services which probably is not different than other repair shops around the USA. We get calls about transmission, engine, brake, air conditioning, clutch, window repair, transaxle, radiator repair and more.

How far are you from Troutdale, Oregon?

We are 14 miles away. See the map to the left or above if you are on a mobile device.

Do you handle seat repair as well?

It depends. We do not do upholstery work from scratch. If you are talking about other problems with your seats then we can probably help.

Did you say clutch repair? Is there a recommended time frame or mileage amount you should have before you start considering getting it repaired or replaced?

There is no set amount. However, most of them need to be repaired or changed around 100,000 miles. It all depends on your driving conditions and how you drive.

What about the A/C in my Volks? I hate it when I don’t have it and now that I do.. I want it to work the right way. How often should I be checking on it?

Interesting question. A lot of people find that they need AC service around the 100,000 mile mark. We also find that the most common problems we encounter have to do with accumulators, expansion valves, and orifice tubes.

Is there any reason those are common problems?

It usually has to do with contaminants that get stuck in areas and causing clogs in the system.

What is the most common problem you have found with your work on Volkswagens?

We see a lot of vehicles that have mileage counts that can be considered high. It is these Volkswagens that we have found that may develop shifting problems. Keep in mind this is true for automatic transmission vehicles and far less likely for vehicles with manual transmissions.

Ok, well, how do I find your shop in Tualatin, Oregon or how do I call you?

You can call us by contacting us at by calling 503-238-1707. You can also visit us at 100 NE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97232.