Finding a Porsche Mechanic in Downtown Portland

Looking for the right mechanic or tech for your Porsche can be difficult especially if you are any near the Portland Metro area or in the Downtown area. Repair shops seem like they are a dime a dozen. However, a Porsche is not a vehicle that you can bring to the nearest place just because they are close. It is something you want to protect to the best of your ability. You probably worked, scraped, and saved money for a long time in anticipation of getting this vehicle. You deserve and the vehicle deserves the best care you can give it too. What do you need to think about when you are looking for a tech or a mechanic to help you maintain your Porsche.

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Does Experience Really Matter at All?

Of course, the experience is a necessary piece of the component. The truth is that any well-trained tech or mechanic can do the work you need them to do but the difference comes in the speed and the accuracy at which they can perform the tasks at hand. A good and skilled mechanic or tech can see the problems right away and even tell you what to look for after the fixes are done. Why? The truth is that, because of the interconnected systems of a vehicle, that fixing one thing may show problems in another area. The build-up of debris and other by-products in your vehicle may have been pooling in an area and concealing another problem. Once, you got that cleared it could reveal problems that were previously covered up by the grease, grime, debris, or whatever else may have been concealing the problem. It is the reason why you can drive out of the auto repair place and have no lights or seem to have your problems fix only for it to return a few days to a two weeks later. The system gets more and more clear over time and you have a new problem that looks like the same problem or a new problem is exposed. A good tech or mechanic that has experience dealing with your type of vehicle has seen these problems before and can quickly fix them if they come to light.

How Experience Effects a Company’s Ability to Get Parts For Your Porsche

Experience also bleeds into the parts category. Why? If you go somewhere where they do not work on your kind of vehicle often then they need to find a place that can get them the parts they need. It sounds like a this should be easy but, in reality, it might not be. We tend to think that auto repair stores have all the parts they need in-house, which honestly, is usually not the case. They have to be ordered and they have to be ordered from somewhere that has warehouses big enough to keep most parts in stock. If they have never ordered parts for your vehicle before then they have to find somewhere that sells the parts they need. They have to look for a place then they have to decide if the part is in good working order. The problem with this is that all the time they spend finding your part for your Porsche is the time that you do not have your Porsche and you have to worry about its well being. You are not paying for it but you cannot drive it which is not what any Porsche owner wants to hear.


What do you specialize in?

We specialize in German vehicles especially Mercedes and Porsche vehicles. Our owner worked on Porche racing motors in Germany and also for Mercedes. He brought that precision with him and asks for it from all his employees. If you have a Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, or any other German made vehicle then German Formula is the place you want to be. The supply lines are set up and you are unlikely to bring us a problem that we have never seen before.

How do I contact you to schedule and appointment?

You can contact us by calling: 503-238-1707 or by visiting 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B Portland, OR 97124.