German Car Repair Near Me in Downtown Portland

German Car Repair Near Me in Downtown Portland

You Want Tech or Mechanic to Have Experience

If you are looking for “German Car Repair Near Me” while in Downtown Portland then you are probably looking for a specialist. There are a lot of choices but if you are looking for one in Downtown Portland and one that has been around for awhile then your options get a lot more limited. There is not a whole lot of them that have been around as long or have as big of a legacy as German Formula. It is one of the oldest around.

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Ok, sure. All of them say that but what is the difference, what makes them so different?

Very few of them have survived a fire that destroyed their whole building and still came back for more. However, German Formula did just that and not only did they return but they brought back one of their employees that has been working on Mercedes vehicles since before some of the classics were classics. What does that mean for you? He has seen it all and you probably are not going to throw anything at him that he has not seen before if it is a German style vehicle. It does not matter if it is an Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, or a Porsche.

Can’t any tech work on any vehicle?

Yes. It is true that they can work on any vehicle. However, the time that it takes to figure out what they need to do and how to do it can vary. Why does that matter to you? The reason that this should matter is that the time it takes for them to figure out how to work on your vehicle is the time that gets added on to the labor cost. The worst part of that fact is that you actually cannot see the time in the labor cost. There is no break down to show how much research was needed to fix your machine. You are totally blind in this regard which may not bother you but it is a cost that you never get to see.

Where Do We Find the Parts?

We cannot mention experience without talking about parts. Why? Ideally, what you want is the supply line to be set up before you ever set foot in the auto repair shop. Why? If there is not one then one has to be established. The truth is that auto repair shops do not always have all the parts for your vehicle on hand. If you are having a good day and they service your vehicle often then they might have them on hand. If not then your vehicle has to wait for the part to come in which is the time you do not get to spend driving your vehicle. It just sits on the lot waiting for the part to be ordered and to come in from that place. If they have to look to find that part somewhere then that is even more time you have to wait and it has to wait before it can be fixed. Of course, you are not paying for this time, unless the tech is researching how to fix your machine at the same time.


How do I talk to you to schedule an appointment or ask you more questions?

You can call us at 503-238-1707. You can also visit us by stopping by 1025 SE 6th Ave. Portland, OR 97124.