Downtown Portland Volkswagen Repair Shops

What to Look for When Compairing Volkswagen Repair Shops in Downtown Portland

A hard truth is that any tech or mechanic that is worth their salt can work on any vehicle. However, just like anyone can make a baked fish does not mean that baked fish will be made with the same level of expertise. Everyone is going to make baked fish with varying levels of quality and edibility. The same thing goes for when you are trying to get your Volkswagen fixed. Sure, you could go cheap and use the person close to you but there are hidden risks to doing that activity.

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Is the labor actually cheaper?

One of the things that people do not think to look for is the labor cost because you went to a budget place to have your vehicle fixed. It should be cheaper, right? The truth is that it might be cheaper but it is not guaranteed to be cheaper. The secret that no one talks about is that research is actually included in the labor cost. If you have a tech or mechanic who has not worked on a vehicle of your style before then they will have to research what they should be doing. The research ends up on your labor bill but it is not itemized as such. It just gives you one lump sum that is known as “labor.” It is how the industry works but if you are going to pay for labor then do you not want to pay for someone who has the skill and knows exactly what they are doing when they work on your vehicle. Do you not want that repair to be done right the first time or are you ready to be a guinea pig and have someone learn to work on your vehicle while you pay for it?

How Parts Fit Into this Equation

If the tech or mechanic needs to learn how to work on your vehicle then there is a very strong bet that they need to figure out where to get the parts for your vehicle as well. We all like to think that every repair shop has all the parts they need for your vehicle in stock. In reality, this is rarely the case. The truth is that most parts have to be ordered. If they have to be ordered then they have to be delivered. Delivery times can vary from place to place. Keep in mind that the time that it takes for your part to be delivered is the time that your vehicle has to sit waiting for the part. You might not be paying for this time but it is time that you will spend without the vehicle. It is pretty much just lost time.

If you get someone who is skilled in the repair of your vehicle then you can skip a lot of that lost time because they will know how to fix your vehicle and they probably have a great idea of where to get the parts for your vehicle as well. The legwork was done before you asked for it and sometimes that means years before you had to ask for it. You get expert level service and a fast return of your vehicle. What more could you ask for than that?


What vehicles does your shop specialize in?

Overall, German vehicles are the ones we see the most and the vehicles we have the most experience repairing. Audi’s, BMW’s, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes are the specific model types. We also have a gentleman working for us who has worked on many several classic Mercedes while they were still new Mercedes models. You probably will not find a person who is more knowledgeable about fixing German vehicles than him.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You vist us at 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B in Portland, Oregon. The zip code is 97214. You can also callus by dialing 503-238-1707.