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E90 BMW 328xi Oil Pan Gasket Leak Repair

December 18, 2019

A customer called recently to inquire about pricing. Apparently another repair shop reported that the rear main seal of his E90 BMW 328xi was leaking profusely, which they had noted while repairing a steering fluid leak. The owner wanted to hold off on the additional repair until he had more information. Because a rear main seal leak on that car — with less than 100,000 miles — would be out of the norm, so I asked if the engine had been fully washed and de-greased in order to pinpoint and confirm the source of the leak. It had not. . . . Read More

How to Find Dependable Auto Repair in New Places

September 7, 2016

With all of the lifestyle changes you have to adjust to when moving to a new town, it can be easy to overlook something like auto maintenance and repair. If your vehicle isn’t notorious for having issues or needing work, it’s hard to take the time to look for a place before making the move. However, it can be much easier than you’d expect to find a dependable and quality auto repair shop in your new town. Here are some... Read More