2007 VW Beetle Wheel Bearing Repair in Downtown Portland, Oregon

I’ve heard wheel bearings can be hard to get off a vehicle. Why is that?

Many wheel bearings and hubs get pressed into the knuckle. If they are pushed into the knuckle then that makes the action of removing them very difficult. There are times when putting this back together takes a hydraulic press. If it one of those situations then it is better to let a professional tech or mechanic handle the job.

I’ve definitely heard of a wheel bearing but I actually have no idea what this thing actually is at all. Could you help me with that problem?

Wheel bearings are a set of steel ball bearings held in by a metal ring. The wheel bearing or bearings make the ability of the vehicle, in this case, a 2007 Volkswagen Beetle, able to spin. The idea is to allow this movement and minimize the amount of friction at the same time.

Wait, so are you saying that each wheel has its own bearing then?

Yes. Each wheel has its own wheel bearing. The other thing you need to keep in mind is that some of the wheel bearings might be bad or one of the wheel bearings might be bad while the others are fine.

If I suspect that my wheel bearing is bad then what would I be experiencing?

If you have a bad wheel bearing somewhere on your VW Beetle then you can look for the following problems:

You will probably notice that your tires are wearing down in an uneven fashion.

You will have an intermittent alignment problem. Sometimes your vehicle will pull to either direction, depending on where the bad bearing is located, and other times it will be non-existent.

You might feel strange wobbling sensations or vibrations coming from your steering wheel.

Similarly, you may feel that your vehicle’s handling feels looser than it did before.

You may notice that you hear a rumbling, grinding, groaning sort of noises emanating from your tires or wheels. You may also notice that the sound gets worse or louder when you try to turn.

What happens if I don’t notice those problems but I actually do have a wheel bearing problem?

If you do not notice any of the problems above but you actually do have the problem then you could have one of two things happen to you. You might find that your wheel starts smoking when driving. You may also have the unique experience of having a wheel fall off your vehicle.

I’ve only got the one car and I’m assuming that it’s ok to drive it in if I have a wheel bearing issue, right?

It is not recommended but it is doable. The longer the wheel bearing is neglected the more likely that you will do damage to other components like your suspension system. If your wheel bearing has been neglected for a long time then do not drive it. It could cause your wheel to fall off and that could do a lot of damage to you and anyone who happens to be around you at the time.

When should I start thinking about getting my wheel bearings replaced? Is there a time frame or a certain mileage mark where this makes sense for my Beetle?

Honestly, there are many vehicles that seal their bearings and they do not need any kind of maintenance until it is time to replace them. You can expect those to go 100,000 miles and possibly more before they are in need of replacement. However, if you do not have sealed bearings then you should have them looked at every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. If they are maintained properly then you may not have to replace them at all.

I’m getting the idea that the friction is a massive problem when it has to do with wheel bearings, is that true?

Yes. A wheel bearing can start wearing down and the friction of the wheel bearing increases. The increase in friction causes damage. Getting regular maintenance on your wheel bearings, if necessary, is essential.

How do I work with you if I have this problem on my 2007 Volkswagen Beetle?

You can call 503-238-1707. You can also visit us by going to 100 NE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97232.

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